Safety concerns remain over Keynsham High Street

A COUNCILLOR is calling for urgent measures to improve safety in Keynsham High Street, a year after its redevelopment.

Alan Hale wants Bath & North East Somerset Council to take “immediate action” to stop pedestrians tripping in the street.

Councillor Hale, who represents Keynsham South on B&NES, says he has reported “countless injuries” to the council, which told him that all reports were being logged as part of an ongoing review.

But he said: “Despite much correspondence, there has been no positive action, save to tell me they are monitoring the situation. That was in September of last year and since then there have been many more casualties.

“The dangers presented by the contraflow cycle lane were made clear almost immediately after injuries were reported within the first week of it being introduced.

“Since then, accidents have continued at an alarming rate, with an estimation of an average of one a week. Sadly, many have been grave and have included significant bone fractures, loss of teeth, facial injuries, dislocations and serious bruising.”

He added: “Perhaps the legal action for damages which is pending from some of the casualties might open their eyes and ears.”

As reported in December’s Voice, B&NES Council said the number of falls in the High Street had dropped significantly since the cycle lane was painted red following a safety audit.

Housing and regeneration director Simon Martin said at the time: “We had a number of unfortunate accidents and incidents post-scheme opening. The number of those has dramatically reduced, despite some of the social media claims that are going on.”