Keynsham BMX ace Senshu crowned UK champion

TALENTED Keynsham BMX rider Senshu Flukes is celebrating after being crowned UK champion.

Senshu, aged 12, triumphed in his age group at the national BMX championships in Derby, where his brother Kaishu also picked up a trophy for finishing seventh in the 15-16 Cruiser category.

Senshu came second at the same track in Derby at the 2017 championships before winning the title the following year in Blackpool. Kaishu, now aged 15, was UK champion in his age group two years ago.

The brothers, who both go to Wellsway School, also recently competed in the world championships in Glasgow, where Senshu finished ninth.

Their proud mum Yoshiko said: “As he just missed the world top eight in Glasgow, he was pleased that he’s got the British title.”

She said the boys are supportive of each other and offer encouragement.

“They are good rivals, but always joking to each other about whose trophies are better!”

Yoshiko said her sons hope to continue striving for BMX success while also focusing on their education and other interests.

Senshu, for example, is also a keen footballer, playing for South Gloucester RTC football club.

Yoshiko said: “I believe he will continue racing, hoping to grab the European championships title, which he hasn’t won yet.”

She added: “Kaishu is going to be in Year 11 at school, so he will need to balance his study and racing until his GCSEs finish.

“But after he had great time helping Bristol Cycling Centre as a part of his school work experience curriculum, he is aiming to have coaching certificates for cycling.

“Both will continue racing competing nationally and internationally next season to get more titles, but most of all they enjoy their life on their bikes.”

Yoshiko said the brothers get their love on BMX riding from their dad Jamie.

“He was the first one who started racing, and then we all started BMX racing together – that includes me!” 

“Their dad doesn’t race any more, and was never as good as the boys, but he is active, doing surfing, skateboarding and biking.”

The family used to live in Hanham but moved to Keynsham to gain more bike storage space.

Both boys honed their cycling skills on the pump track in Longwell Green and they still practise there, as well as at the track in Stockwood.

Pictured, Senshu, left, and Kaishu Flukes with the trophies they won at the UK BMX championships