Town council backs idea for Keynsham pump track

THE idea of a pump track in Keynsham has won the backing of the town council.

It has agreed to support it in principle, with various sites to be considered.

Councillors will also visit the pump track at Temple Cloud, which is one of the local tracks that have inspired the campaigners behind the Keynsham bid.

The Pump Track for Keynsham (PTFK) group say they would support any “accessible and inclusive” location, although they favour an area next to the skate park in Keynsham Memorial Park.

Group member Chris Williams told the Voice last month: “It’s a central location and the area sees very little footfall compared to the rest of the park area, so a pump track here would not impact the general leisure space available whilst still being close to related amenities.

“It could be tucked away to the north of the skate park so as not to take up space used for festival activities on site. There is good access, and the ground is relatively flat.”

But that area of the park has also been suggested as the possible site for a mobility hub as part of proposals by the West of England Combined Authority to transform travel along the A4 Keynsham bypass.

Response to the idea of a pump track has been mixed on social media.

One person said on Facebook: “Whilst I support a pump track for Keynsham and that this would be a great idea, I feel that it is not something that should be built in the grounds of the Memorial Park. Already, enough green space has been lost in and around Keynsham.”

The commenter added that the existing skate park seemed to be a “magnet” for the kind of antisocial behaviour that has been causing increasing concern in the town.

Another person said: “Sad to lose any of the park, it’s a lovely space, building more on it will be a shame.”

But the idea also attracted positive comments, such as:

“There’s not much for children to do in Keynsham, especially not for free, this sounds like something that many young people would enjoy.”

“I think a pump track would be brilliant for the kids to have something to do.”

A pump track is a looped, undulating course with banked corners which can be used by mountain bike, BMX and scooter riders, as well as skateboarders.

It is designed to be used by riders ‘pumping’, generating momentum by up and down body movements, instead of pedalling or pushing.

Other pump tracks in the local area include Stockwood, Hartcliffe and Brunel Way in Bristol.