Keynsham parents warned on TikTok fire craze

PARENTS have been warned following reports of children deliberately starting fires in Keynsham.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) is sharing safety advice as videos dubbed by some as the ‘fire trend’ have appeared online.

Emily Cook, youth intervention lead at AF&RS, said: “We understand TikTok trends are exciting and viral videos cause intrigue, but fire is always dangerous, and we seriously encourage people to think twice as this trend can cause injuries to you and others around you that could last a lifetime.

“If you are worried that someone you know is setting fires, remove the resources they may need – in this particular case, small aerosol cans and toilet roll tubes.

“If you see fire being started deliberately, call 999 in an emergency and 101 in a non-emergency to report this.”

Anyone worried that their child has an unusual interest in fire can email

Emily said: “My most important advice is, before following a trend, think of the impact it could have if it goes wrong for reasons out of your control. As always, if you do see a fire, get out stay out and call 999.”

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