Keynsham nursery earns ‘Good’ Ofsted rating

A CHILDREN’S nursery in Keynsham has retained its ‘good’ rating from Ofsted.

Youngsters who attend Snapdragons are happy and well cared-for, inspectors said.

As well as its overall ‘good’ rating, the nursery was also judged to be ‘good’ for its quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, and leadership and management.

The inspection – the first at the nursery at Ellsbridge House on the Bath Road since 2018 – found that the children form secure attachments with the staff.

Leaders create an ambitious curriculum to help children gain the skills needed for future learning, and children show positive attitudes to learning, including an interest in books.

“Babies receive cuddles from the caring staff. This helps them to feel safe and secure,” Ofsted said.

The inspectors said children have plenty of opportunities to play outdoors, where staff help them to learn how to stay safe.

The children are taught to develop good communication and language skills, enjoying singing nursery rhymes together and confidently join in with action songs.

Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and/or in receipt of additional funding make very good progress. Staff ensure children with SEND receive targeted support to develop their communication and language skills in a variety of ways.

A strong focus is placed on supporting the wellbeing of the children, who learn self-regulation and social skills. For example, in their newly adapted mindfulness room, children learn to listen to others and take turns as they sit in a circle for a group activity.

Staff include and engage all children and provide individual praise for their efforts.

The children are valued as unique individuals and are encouraged to share their cultures and traditions. Staff involve children in a broad range of celebrations and festivals special to them, such as Thanksgiving and Diwali. This supports children’s understanding of diversity and the wider world.

Parents’ feedback is extremely positive. They highlight staff’s dedication and professionalism and value the range of experiences on offer, such as forest school sessions.

Staff have a good understanding of their safeguarding responsibilities and know the signs that may indicate a child is at risk of harm.

The inspectors said the nursery could improve by enhancing staff’s understanding of what they want children to learn and why, and further support their teaching skills.

The nursery could also strengthen the organisation of key routines to minimise disruptions to children’s play and enhance children’s engagement and focus in learning.

The nursery had 154 children aged up to four on its roll at the time of the inspection. It employed 35 staff to work directly with the children, as well as 10 non-childcare staff.